AS Sam Levenson says: "" Siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfeclty normal, until they get togather.

An issue that has rarely been addressed is that of sibling relationships following reunions between birth parents and relinquished offspring. In some instances, the birth parent’s(s’) other offspring may have initiated the search, but in most cases, either a birth parent or the adult adoptee has initiated the search. We are referring, of course, to closed adoptions.

In open adoptions, search and reunion are not issues, although meeting siblings may be. In closed adoptions, the siblings may not have even known of the adoptee’s existence prior to the reunion. If the adoptee also has adopted siblings, they may find they have emotional issues about the reunion, too. Here we have some long lost siblings meeting each other for the first time. Make sure you don't cry.

1Emotional Reunion of Siblings Separated During the Holocaust

Hilda Slick, living in Israel, had not seen her siblings in 65 years. As a little girl she had thought all her family had been murdered in the Holocaust. After doing some research, her grand children searching Hilda’s maiden name, Glassberg, on Yad Vashem’s Family search database of Shoah Victims’ names. To their great surprise, it turned out that a surviving brother of Hilda’s had submitted a page of testimony about Hilda to Yad Vashem in 1999. He also thought she had been murdered.

2 Hundreds of elderly South Koreans travel to a resort in North Korea for emotional reunions with relatives they have not seen since the end of the Korean War in 1953

South Korean Kim-Bock-rack (right) meets his North Korean sister Kim Jeon-soon

3 1 call reunited Navy siblings

Chief Petty Officer Robert Williamson is greeted for the first time by his sister Cmdr.Cindy Murray since she last saw him when he was 6 years old and she 14 years old. (Nelvin C. Cepeda)

4 Brother and sister who were separated as toddlers reunite for the first time in 18 years.

A Brother and sister who were separated as toddlers reunite for the first time in 18 years. Somebody grab the tissues!

5 Twins reunited after 70 years apart

George Skrzynecky and Lucian Poznanski, 69, were born in Germany after their Polish mother was sent to a forced labour camp.
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When she became ill and could not look after them the twins were taken to Poland and adopted separately. For many years they did not know each other existed. After a successful search last year through the Red Cross Restoring Family Links Programme they finally met in Poland.

6 Sweet Man Meets His Long Lost Sister After 38 Years

After 38 years apart, a man is finally reunited with his sister and is reduced to tears - along with the audience.

7Poring over old, faded pictures, brother and sister share loving memories. Brother, Lui Shi-ang, and sister, Lui Yao-xun, apart for 74 years, reunite at last.

After experiencing no luck through missing person services in mainland China, Ms Liang guided her grandmother to register in August 2011 with the Hong Kong Red Cross tracing service. The Red Cross requested relevant government departments to assist, and it placed a tracing notice in the newspaper. Soon, the search bore fruit, as an individual telephoned the Hong Kong Red Cross, identifying herself as one of Madam Lui’s family. The reunion was in sight!

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