Usually, wealthy people living in the Persian Gulf countries are known for their exquisite taste in all-things-expensive and unnecessary showmanship. Rashed, apparently, is no different. From owning a drool-worthy sneaker collection worth ₹6.5 crore to wrapping his Ferrari in Supreme X Luis Vuitton, the young Dubai resident has done it all.

Rashed Saif Belhasa A.K.A Money Kicks is the son of Dubai construction mogul Saif Ahmed Belhasa. Any celebrity who passes through Dubai makes a pit stop at this kid’s house. But Rashed is a busy little entrepreneur, what with co-owning a fashion line while being in school and all.
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So most celebrities who want to stop by (to play with his tigers or check out his shoes) have to make an appointment with his agent first.

Belhasa, who goes by the moniker Money Kicks online, has racked up more than 96,300 ­ followers on Instagram and 77,300 subscribers on YouTube.

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Spending a day at Belhasa’s crib involves playing with the house pets, which in Dubai means wild cats and chimpanzees. A look at his sneaker room follows, where he may take a video and upload on his YouTube channel if the visitor is quiet famous.

Belhasa has 70 pairs of the Air Jordan, of which 15 are from the OG (original) series and the rest are the retro collection.
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He hopes to meet his favourite Michael Jordan one day.

With Neymer Jr

With Rihanna

With Eric abidal

With Salman Khan

With Lionel Messi

With Dj Khaled

With Kevin Hart

With Paris Hilton

When Rashed's not hanging out with celebrities, he chills with his 'pets'.

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