We are coming closer and closer to the end of the year.Now that Christmas is just over with self-made cookies, brushwood decorations and Christmas songs. Here is a collecton of photos that shows all the good together moments of gay couples.

1Christmas is not as much about opening gifts as opening our hearts

2Lets make it a december to remember

3Let's be naughty and save santa the trip

4The best thing to hold onto in life is each other

5Gay couple decorating a branch at Christmas time

6gay-couple-chicago: “Christmas kiss ”

7all is calm, all is bright

8Polish gay couple sing for 'love at Christmas'

9Merry Christmas from the Boys...

10First Dates stars Adam and Dan have announced their christmas engagement

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11This is christmas, not the carols , not the presents, but the humble hearts that feel the Love

12gay couple, beard , pets ..perfect christmas

13This christmas the only package I want is you....

14Having the most magical Christmas ever !

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15 Some can be used as Christmas decoration ideas for your own beard.

16 Christmas means family

Merry X'Mas Bros!