This all new Super Bike can run 640 kilometres in a single charge

UK based start-up promising a 400 mile range, electric motorcycle with 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, superbike styling, top speed of 180mph and all for less than $10000. Finding it hard to believe?
Well this is all we know so far about the new Vigo motorcycle, developed by a new a UK based Start up named Vigo.

Vigo Motorcycle is currently in development.
It's completely eco friendly as electric motorcycles produce no emission and preserve environment

Specifications are:

  • Range400 miles (640 km)
  • BatteryCapacity 21kWh
  • Life 250 000 miles (400 000 km)
  • Motor Power90kW (120 horsepower)
  • Acceleration3.2 seconds to 60 mph (100 kmh)
  • Max Speed180 mph (290 kmh)
  • Total Weight350 pounds (160 kg)
  • Estimated Retail Price£7,999 (9,799 USD)Special Price (for supporters)£5,999 (7,499 USD)

At present, the farthest range of a Zero motorcycle is 202 miles, on their Zero SR and that costs $ 19.7 (£15,800). A Tesla Model S 100 D (just announced this month) now reaches 335 miles on a single charge.