The iPhone X could set things apart in the long-term battle of mobile devices giants in Malaysia, thought the price list for the 10th version of Apple’s phone is now known.

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But have you ever thought it this way? What all parts will be there in the latest iPhone X handset? What's the significance of this handset with such technology,features and prices?

Well, someone did think about this and this latest video on youtube shows experts ripping apart an all new iPhone X. A Chinese Youtube channel opened the iPhone X up to display the internals, in the process revealing the interesting engineering solution.

The twin cameras and the image sensor were distinguished from the backdrop. Unlike other handsets, the iPhone X has two batteries.

There are two batteries in the L design, The introduction of the iPhone X is introduced in the video. But Apple has not yet mentioned two batteries. The battery life of iPhone X is 2716 mAh.

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Apart from two batteries and an incredibly small Logic Board, the inside of the iPhone X consists of an OLED display, facial recognition sensors, and dual cameras. The report points out that Apple’s new flagship device is quite different from older models of the iPhone. “The teardown is really just getting underway, so expect more details later, but first impressions: This iPhone really is quite a departure from old models,” it reads.

The video also reminds us that once damaged, it is going to be really difficult in fixing this latest version.

IPhone X will be launched in India on October 3 at Bangalore....

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