Technologies Will Come and Go But We Still Remember These Retro Games!

Today’s smartphones have gaming capabilities equivalent to a 5th generation gaming console and we do appreciate it but can you remember the first time you played a mobile phone game? That tiny screen, with blocky pixels and a beep tone to acknowledge your victory? How times have changed! Let's rewind the time to the old mobile phone games and bring back those nokia memories!


Snakes’97: retro phone classic

Graphics consisted of black squares, and it had 4 directions. It was programmed in 1997 by Taneli Armanto, a design engineer in Nokia and introduced on the Nokia 6110.


Bounce Original

Bounce is one of the best old school games.One will certainly enjoy its fascinating gameplay. Player had to overcome different shattering levels and dangerous thorns to collect all the rings.


Space Defence

The player can freely move horizontally and vertically but cannot increase the speed of the screen’s auto-scrolling feature. Powerups can be picked up while going through the levels and the player can use them when the regular projectiles are of little effect against the enemy.



Bantumi is a two-player turn-based board game which also goes with the name Mancala. It is a simple strategy game in which your goal is to gather more beads than your opponent. The game ends when all the bowls on one player’s side are empty.

Which was your favorite old school game? Comment it below.