Motiv's New Tracking Ring is Your Next Fitness Guide

"Motiv's titanium-encased wearable can do a lot"

'Motiv' recently introduced a fitness tracking ring, the next generation wearable technology of fitness tracking.

Motiv's titanium-encased wearable can do a lot. It has an optical heart sensor inside the ring that couples pretty nicely on your finger.

It also has highest energy density,super efficient processor and smaller battery with five day life.

When you wear it on your finger, capilaries in your body start to produce strong signals.While stroking,your activities in the accelerometer and that will track your calories that burn as well you run, walk and everything else you do.

Sensor read all those signals and presents it on to the App in a user friendly Way

Data is shared to a companion smartphone app (iOS only) where you can check in on weekly goals and adjust daily targets.

You can have a better idea of the working from this video