According to a study by the data storage company, Western Digital , One in three smartphone users in India run out of space on their phones daily. The answer? Two words. “Good Morning!”
Yes, You read that right!

It's simple. Everyday as soon as they wake up, Indians start their internet routine by searching for Good morning Images on google. Subsequently, these goodmorning pictures are sent to almost all thcontacts on Whatsapp and messenger. The acquisition is completed when the recipients send back good morning via a similar activity in real time.


If one or two lakh people do this, Google does not have a glue. Studies says millions of people do this every morning in India between 5 am and 8 am. The strange and annoying practice of sending good morning messages with picturesque landscapes,gifs or big fat philosophical quotes is only seen in India.


Now you might think, good morning wishes are made all over the world, what's so special about India? Well, the fact is neither the Americans nor the British (who introduced the language to us) send good morning wishes to their acquaintance without a purpose.

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Cheap smartphones and data plans have brought uneducated and illiterate groups of users in the country online who are adapting apps to fit their own needs and skills.


Google scientists figured out this good morning revolution as the cause for freezing up of smartphones in India


The app has more than 10 million downloads so far, with more users in India than any other country. It has cleared up on average more than 1 gigabyte of data per user, Google said.


Statistics says all those early morning well wishes have driven a tenfold increase in the number of Google searches for “Good Morning images” over the past five years. 2018 Jan 1st broke all the existing records of the good morning message flow. more than 20 Billion picture messages were sent over indian whatsapp accounts on the newyear morning.

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