Facebook has started experimenting with a new feature that allows to report with a sort of "dislike", or rather, a "downvote", the comments under the posts considered more offensive and less respectful, so that they are less visible to those who scroll the discussion. The goal is to identify the hate speech and limit it as much as possible. The "downvote" in fact will serve to send a signal that the social algorithms will use to identify offensive and disrespectful comments. Not much is known about the new feature, but it is sure that it will be limited to comments, and we still do not talk about a "dislike" button for everything else.


For the moment, the "downvoted" comments will be tested on some US public pages, with the Android app in English, on 5% of American Facebook users, and it is not yet certain that they will be released to the rest of the world. By selecting the downvote option, the comment in question is made invisible to the user, who is now required to select the reason for which he expressed his disapproval, labeling the intervention as "offensive, off topic, misleading."

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