It only takes 90 minutes of use to detect it.

Technology has helped improve the quality of life of mankind in different ways, and it does not seem to stop. Thanks to the advances we can prevent diseases, connect through social networks and live comfortable in the impeccable architecture of a building. Therefore, and to continue betting on development, a boy of only 18 years created an innovative article capable of saving the lives of many women.

It is a bra that detects cancer.

The brassiere, called "EVA", contains a central device that collects thermal data to determine whether or not there is a tumor in the breast.

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The young Julián Ríos Cantú from Monterrey, Mexico, won the Global Student Entrepreneur Award in Germany for developing this delicate piece composed of small sensors that serve to detect breast cancer.

La evolución de EVA - The Autoexploration Bra.

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A woman only has to use it about 90 minutes a week so that a complete analysis can be performed.

Julian's eagerness to develop this piece comes from his family. His mother lost both breasts from a tumor that was initially the size of a grain of rice, and then turned into almost a golf ball. For him, this was an opportunity to help other people, and with great deserved he took the top spot.

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He competed against 13 other entrepreneurs and became the first Mexican to win the award and the $ 20,000 annexes. By the way, he is also the youngest to be recognized by GSEA.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), data collected in 2008 suggested that 1, 38 million new cases are produced each year and about 458,000 of these are fatal. In addition, most cases in women are detected in advanced stage. That is why it is so important always to put into practice the breast self-exploration.

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