This Strange fact about Cuba's Internet accessibility will Make you Thankful for Yours

If you think that your city is quite slow and expensive internet, I will tell you about the problems of network access in Cuba. There's an internet connection is very expensive, and "sit on the network" is possible only in designated areas, a defended and decent place.

Cuba - one of the countries where the Internet is still a scarce commodity. It should be expensive, you can use only in special places, defended at the same time a couple of hours in line or buying a special card at the dealers.
Internet appeared in Cuba in 2011, when the laying of the cable from Venezuela was completed. At first, the Internet could be used only civil servants.

Monopolist in the sphere of the Internet is the Cuban state telecommunications company ETECSA, founded in 1994.

June 3, 2013 in the country opened 118 Internet cafes, where the cost of an hour of the Internet was $ 4.5.Given that the average official salary in Cuba is still equal to $ 20 per month, the Internet is still expensive for most Cubans

Mobile Internet appeared in Cuba in 2014. It is issued on the card system and works only in specially designated areas (such as parks). Cards 1-5 hours connectivity will cost $ 1.5 per hour or $ 7.5 for five chasov.V April 2014 the company ETECSA announced the expansion of Internet access and the creation of affordable home Internet. Leased line price of 1 Mb / s for office right now ranging from $ 150 to $ 250 per month, depending on the office's location and connection method. The cost of home Internet $ 60 for 220 hr., $ 0.3 for each additional hour.

The parks, which operates Wi-Fi network, a lot of dealers. They offer hour card for the Internet for $ 3. Despite the fact that the hour card at the offices of ETECSA cost twice cheaper resellers services are in demand, as the purchase of cards in the office may be delayed for several hours due to persistent queues. Many hotels in Havana and Varadero have access to the Internet and Wi-Fi. Price per hour connection to the hotel internet range between $ 0.32 and $ 0.4. Access to the Internet is available on a special card that you want to buy.

Who can use the internet in the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment of Cuba, which provides a connection to the network for $ 0.2 per hour, which is cheaper than in the hotels or internet cafes. If a resident of Cuba can not buy a card or pay for the internet in the internet cafe, once a week, he has the right to free access to the Network in the US representation (SINA). Also, two hours a week of free internet access provided Embassy of the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Despite the development of the Internet in Cuba, it is not very stable and has a slow data rate of 150 Kb / s to 1 Mb / s, depending on the connection location and time of day. Internet users buy a card or Coming in an internet cafe in Cuba signs an agreement, one of which points said that he undertakes not to use the service provided for "actions that can be considered as sabotage or pose a threat to public safety." There is a list of sites that are banned users Network: Cubaencuentro, Cubanet (specialize in writing analytical articles on the situation in the country) and Revolico (distributes advertisements).

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