This 81 Year-Old Japanese Lady Is a Real Inspiration For Computer Programmers. Learn How

This old lady, Masako Wakamiya, isn’t your typical “senior”. The 81-year-old Japanese woman was launched her first iPhone app and is now interested in showing others old people that they too can learn how to code or do another trade.

After working at a bank for nearly 43 years, Masako Wakamiya was forced to retire at age sixty. With a lot of time on her hands and wanting to do something better with her spare time, she bought a computer, set it up completely by herself and then started chatting with others on the internet. After a while, she decided to do even more than that.

During a TEDxTokyo talk, Masako Wakamiya speaks in detail about her past and elaborates on her new iPhone app, called Hinadan. The app is based on a traditional Japanese holiday, known commonly as Girl’s Day, and the game consists on simply arranging some traditional Japanese dolls in a specific order. The users are guided by a series of “beeps” that mark approval or disapproval.These days, the old Japanese woman maintains a website filled with Excell art tutorials and all sorts of other guides for old people like herself who want to be more proficient at using a computer. What she is trying to prove here is that there really isn’t such a thing as an age gap, even though there is age discrimination in the world.

Here is a short tutorial about how the game is played.

And here is Masako Wakamiya’s TED talk

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