The biggest X-shaped airport in the world

This World's largest X-shaped airport with roof-cloud is located In Mexico City

In Mexico City, the construction of the new terminal continues to close the existing airport. Since the complex is located in a seismic zone, the architect Norman Foster, it took into account when developing the project: the roof and walls are latticed shell structure which facilitates mass. Also to this end, we removed and air from the roof. All communications will be hidden under the building, provides fresh air flow for ventilation.

Thanks to X-shape, the project will take about 743 000 m2 of space, where he could be around 57 million passengers. This makes it possible to place along the perimeter 95 outputs to the aircraft. The appearance of the project conceived by architect repeats symbols of Mexico.

Terminal is a steel glazed roof structure, cloud, which is both a roof and walls. In the center will be located spherical scene, shops, places for recreation.

At the entrance there is a huge cactus garden. On the roof of the plan to place solar panels and a rainwater collection system. Through latticed shell glazed roof coverings, construction of the full lighting is provided.

It also allows you to heat the building most of the year. It is planned that the new airport would be ready to receive passengers already in 2020.