There have been certain technologies and products that have flamed out in dramatic, memorable ways. That's what this list is about.
Volvo, Microsoft, Apple... no one is safe from demo disaster

1Failed face recognition system in iPhone X

When Craig Federighi tried to demo the iPhone X’s new Face ID feature during Apple’s special event last week, it didn’t exactly go as planned. The iPhone X didn’t unlock, and thinking quick on his feet, Federighi quickly picked up a nearby backup device and continued on with the presentation.

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2Honda Asimo Falls

This should be easy. You have to go on stage and walk up a few steps while a nice Japanese lady talks about the fact that you can walk up steps. Only you're a robot. And you're not actually looking where you going. The funniest thing about this 2006 classic is the panic that ensues once the Honda Asimo falls over - as if placing screens between the robot and the crowd is going to save anyone any embarrassment whatsoever.

3Hanging Microsoft Surface

Five years ago, at the presentation of the original Microsoft Surface tablet, the tablet hung in the hands of the company's manager Stephen Sinofsky. He tried to demonstrate the work of the device, but the device refused to respond to the touch. A Microsoft representative was forced to take a spare tablet to continue the presentation.

4Michael Bay walks off from the presentation of Samsung

As if an overhyped summer blockbuster, Michael Bay just flopped his CES 2014 debut. But it seemingly wasn’t his fault. The famed director was part of Samsung’s over-produced, over-the-top CES 2014 press conference. He was evidently brought on stage to talk about Samsung’s new curved 4K TV, likely supposed to highlight how this new form and tech will help bring his movies to life. But that didn’t happen.

5Volvo auto brake system fail

A demo for driver assistance features in a Volvo XC60 did not go as planned, when a dealer decided to test the system by driving into a group of onlookers expecting the vehicle to automatically stop.Unfortunately, according to Volvo spokesperson Stefan Elfström, the car's system is not meant to be used in this fashion and the vehicle barreled into observers. In the video, embedded below, viewers can see the Volvo slowly rolling backward, pausing, and then abruptly accelerating into two people watching the demonstration.

6"Drunken" robot Boston Dynamics

At the end of June this year at the Congress of the future leaders of science and technology, Boston Dynamics company demonstrated the capabilities of its robots. Throughout the performance robot Atlas successfully coped with all the tasks, but in the end it collapsed from the stage.

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As it turned out, at the end of the speech the operator took control of Atlas, but when he took the robot off the stage, it accidentally touched the searchlight.

7Steve Jobs' iPhone 4 demo fail

The case with the iPhone X is not the first demo failure in Apple's history. In 2010, at the presentation of the iPhone 4.As he tries to show off features of the new iPhone 4, Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Wi-Fi connection fails twice, bringing his World Wide Developers Conference keynote to an uncomfortable standstill.

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8Aunt instead of Mom

Another awkward moment in Microsoft's history occurred during the demonstration of the speech recognition function in Windows Vista. Instead of typing, “Dear mom,” as a member of the team had instructed, the computer spurted out: “Dear aunt.” which amused the journalists. Then followed a few more mistakes, and when a representative of Microsoft tried to delete the text, the system began to recruit a team, from which the hall exploded with laughter.

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