Do you know why you always have mirrors in and near the elevators?

You have certainly noticed that inside the elevators, as well as in the corridors where they are situated, there are many mirrors, right?

The presence of mirrors is also common in halls and hotel entrances and their function goes beyond simply allowing people to check the visual before entering the room.

According to the New York Times, the idea of ​​including the mirrors - especially inside the elevators - came after World War II, when the buildings began to get higher and higher. First, it was estimated that people could be kept amused while they waited for the elevator, as well as rearranging or seeing through the mirror some other passenger.

It is said that at the time, complaints about waiting times were very high, as well as that of permanence, so that with the mirrors these complaints diminished a lot, since they were often repeated to the receptionists of the hotels.

In addition, the mirrors allow a better view of the environment, changing the inner perception of the elevator, especially for those who suffer with claustrophobia. Many cases of problem patients, who had frequent crises within elevators, had their number of occurrences of these crises diminished because of the better sensation the mirrors could offer.

People, when entering an elevator, can see themselves and this prevents them from suffering an accident, especially in cases where the environment is crowded.

There is also the Chinese version of Feng Shui which believes that mirrors can cause well-being according to the way they are arranged in an environment, as well as other design concepts that enable the mirrors for many architectural techniques.