Top 5 Male Fitness Models

Physical Fitness is not being able to perform certain feats that show one’s strength. It is the condition of your body as a whole: the physiological, biochemical and mental state.
If you haven't yet made physical activity a habit, your 30s are a good time to start. and here you have the top 5 fitness models to gain some inspiration.


Lazar Angelov

He owns some of the best abs in the world.

At the age of 18 he spent an year and a half in the Army, where he found his vocation – bodybuilding. His body, his ambition and his motivation are inspiration to millions of people around the world thanks to his youtube videos.


Jeff Seid

Jeff wanted to sculpt a body like his hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After the Mr. Olympia contest his career really took off. He was flying around the world for various expos and appearances monthly. He sees this new life as a way to motivate others to never forget about their dreams and always stay hungry for more.


Mark Fitt

In the last four years, I’ve managed to become one of the world’s top fitness models by inspiring millions across the globe with my videos, pictures, podcast, quotes, articles, and literally any other content


James Ellis

James Ellis was transformed from a skinny 135 pound high school nerd to 195 pounds of rippling muscle and a body of steel.

James’s success as a fitness model has blessed him with several opportunities to work with 4-Time Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler on various fitness projects. James has also managed to have some success on the acting side of his career.


Rob Riches

Rob Riches is a UK-born fitness cover model, athlete and competitor, making videos to help inspire, motivate and educate those looking to build a fitter, stronger & healthier body.

He had achieved his goals, and could now turn it around and play a part in helping others do the same

These guys has motivated millions of people...
Are you ready to be the better you?