The most intimidating man in WWE decided to change his lifestyle and today looks unrecognizable

And all with the help of the great John Cena.

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If we hear the name "Paul White" does not catch our attention , but if we hear "The Big Show" , we immediately remember: the great fighter who intimidated all his opponents for being the highest and biggest in the ring. It has been dedicated to this for 20 years, and 18 of them in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).

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The veteran of these fights had an exhausting pace of life: spent 200 days a year on tour and never had time to think well about the lifestyle he was wearing.Although he was an athlete, his diet and exercise were not adequate and he decided to make a change ... because it is never late.

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To help him was nothing more or nothing less than the WWE champion, John Cena. And motivating him to follow a strict diet and different exercise routines, he made The Big Show lose more than 30 kilos.

Looks great! And now, thin and exercised, all thanks to John ...

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"One day we were talking about being in shape, and I said 'oh, what the hell would a giant do with abs?'; John looked at me seriously and said, 'Yes, a giant with abs, that would not be at all salable.' And he left. It was a little rough. Later John came back and congratulated me on my work. That meant a lot to me, to have the respect of a star like him. "

-Paul White-

... and also his own will power to have been able to leave the ice cream and pizza.