Over the years, WrestleMania has become a yearly festival for all the wrestling fans all around the globe. Like every year, fans are excited for the 34th edition of one of the biggest wrestling pay-per-view. This time the event has some great matches on the card, but what's disappointing is most of them are predictable.

But still, the excitement of nine championship matches and an unconfirmed John Cena versus The Undertaker have undoubtedly made the event one to watch out for, and yes, the unexpected moments that make WM magical.

WrestleMania has not only created moments inside the ring but also behind the stage. In this story, we have gathered some of the most memorable backstage moments in the history of WrestleMania. So, have a look!

1CM Punk warming up with music


We miss those days of CM Punk, don't we? One of the most significant entertainers the wrestling community has ever seen. I wish, he comes back.

2 A focused Goldberg


When Goldberg came back to WWE, I was one of those fans who was overwhelmed and thankful to Vince McMahon and WWE more than anyone else. I got a chance to live my childhood again.

3The Undertaker after the loss to Roman Reigns


Who can forget that teary moment when The Undertaker broke his character after losing to Roman Reigns? This would probably go down as the most emotional moment in the history of WM.

4The Game and The Undertaker after their brutal encounter at WrestleMania 28


The match which brought tears to the eyes of many fans of The Undertaker. This was the first time when I thought it was the right time for the Deadman to say goodbye to WWE.

5Donald Trump with Ted DiBiase


The connections of Donald Trump with WWE are not new. The current President of the United States has been the part of many historic moments in WWE's history.

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6Roman Reigns and his daughter share a special moment


I really love when WWE showcases the things which the families of wrestlers have to go through on their journey.

7Sasha Banks' dream come true moment


What can be more fantastic than seeing yourself on the poster of WrestleMania with legends like Triple H, Shane McMahon, and The Undertaker? Really, a dreamy and emotional moment for Sasha Banks.

8A.J. Styles waiting for his debut


The final picture is of this legend who fought all his life to witness the moment of satisfaction. Impeccable, that's all I can say.

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9Broken and bloodied Foley with his family


The shocking picture was taken after Mick's 'I Quit' match with The Rock. Mick Foley is known as the hardcore action wrestler in the industry, and this picture is the proof of it.
Now, WWE is a family-friendly program, and they try to keep these type of images away from the internet.

10The Undertaker, Paul Bearer and Papa Shango


Two giants with one of the greatest managers in WWE history, late Paul Bearer captured in a single frame in an empty stadium before 1992's SummerSlam.

11Shaq was here


So much is happening in this picture, but the centre of attention is the basketball legend, Shaquille O'Neal with unrecognisable Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown.

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12Two best in the world in the same frame


WWE's management got angry when The Rock called CM Punk's name in the ring after his departure from the WWE. They even thought of muting The Rock's microphone, but thankfully the situation was controlled.
No matter what, the relation of Punk and people's champion was shown onscreen proving that the two were great friends backstage.

13The toughest interview


You can only imagine how hard it would've been for this interviewer to ask questions to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

14It is too soon to retire


When Daniel Bryan announced his retirement, many fans and wrestlers were left in tears and so was his wife, Brie Bella. But, let me tell you that the star was broken too.
I hate it when young wrestlers like Daniel and Edge retire due to injuries.

15Beaten but not broken


Wrestling may be fake, but the pain and suffering are real, and this picture of Sheamus' back is the proof.

16Alter Bridge and Edge


Music is one of the most important parts of wrestling. Throughout the career, the Rated-R Superstar, Edge had great theme songs. One of his entrance themes, Metalingus was given by Alter Bridge.

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