This time let's just keep our historical memories to ourselves and judge the players as a team, and not Messi or Ronaldo.

What is the team about?

With ability comes great responsibility.
Argentina might be in utter disappointment after failing to show their quality on the real day. If you're thinking that brings down the morale of the team, how about you see the opposite horizon of bouncing back, cause that's what team Argentina's all about this World Cup.

A probable weakness: Their flying defense.

Well, Argentina's defense has had problems holding their defensive lines, and maybe that is why they had conceded within 4 minutes after they scored. Although we can't blame the lines as the goal had been scored from a rebound, the aging Argentina defense will look to use the experience as a standing weapon against oppositions.

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This is Sampaoli's team, not Messi's.

Jorge Sampaoli's managerial success has been a reason behind being appointed to drive Argentina towards glory. It's his forte to take underestimated contenders like Chile to win Copa America. Yes, Argentina's a very different team when it comes to pressing high up the pitch.

Sampaoli's way of allowing Messi to be on the 'free roam' looks more of a burden and less independent. You cannot be a visionary and execute the vision every time, and as a fan, we don't want that burden on him.

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Angel Di Maria - Argentina's much needed 'Angel'!

After Angel Di Maria's transfer to PSG, he delivered six assists and 11 goals within 26 matches last season. Doesn't look good enough, does it? Angel Di Maria's one of the very few players who has been able to rebuild his image after being a failure at Manchester United.

His determination towards the national team is undying as he believes that if they don't win it this time, it'll be the end for their generation.

Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero's gameplay

The Argentine under Sampaoli has finally broken his drought in Russia this World Cup. Earlier when he had played the World Cup in 2010 and '14, the Manchester City striker was unable to click with Argentina's gameplay. But now that he has already broken the ice, it would not be easy to stop him.

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Let's come to the point, shall we?

The fight here is against the teams and not among the players. We have made our football fanaticism a religion, and now we're uplifting it like a supporter. But to make fun of a legend as the other one's shining is a very wrong ideology. It's high time we stop considering ourselves as football pundits and enjoy the game.

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