Standing at a mere height of only 5 feet 7 inches tall, Spud always had dreams of slamming down a basketball through the rim. Obviously, his height was the main obstacle preventing him from reaching his goal.

After numerous failed attempts at dunking, he started questioning whether he would ever be able to complete his mission. Fortunately, he did not let his past failures to continue to haunt him.

In the competitive sport of professional basketball, elite players are typically seen as slim, tall athletes with an average height of six foot, seven inches and an average wing span of almost five inches longer than their height.

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Standing at five foot, seven inches, and a vertical leap of 42 inches, Anthony “Spud” Webb not only proved to be a worthy component in the National Basketball Association to players over 12 inches taller, he shocked basketball fans, players, coaches, and commentators after winning the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Championship.


In order to achieve his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, Spud Webb had to overcome countless adversities. Many said he would never get a chance to play world-class basketball, but the 5-foot 7-inch Webb didn't worry about what others said about his height. He had already overcome every obstacle that he had faced from middle school to college.


Spud's determination, ability and heart finally led him to finally achieve the seemingly impossible dream of playing in the NBA.

The 5-foot 7-inch phenom with an amazing 42 inch vertical jump, overcame the greatest of insurmountable odds and electrified crowds all over the world with his dunking ability and competitive spirit. Spud has delivered countless keynote speeches to corporations, youth groups and associations throughout his career and in retirement, and now inspires others to achieve their seemingly unachievable dreams regardless of the obstacles they face.


It was 1986 when 5’7 Spud Webb became a fan favorite in the league after beating teammate and dunk legend Dominique Wilkens in the NBA dunk contest. And for the past three decades, every time a short dunker emerged in the dunk world, Spud and his accomplishments at the 86 All-Star weekend is brought up.

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For the past three decades, every time a player wanted to pay homage to Spud they would pull out his Atlanta Hawk jersey.

we all remember that magical night when he won the NBA dunk contest by beating his teammate Nique.


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