What happens when the thing you want most, is something you can't have? Most of us will be heartbroken or get depressed. But not this Guy!

Nick Scott is no ordinary IFBB professional bodybuilder. He is a member of the small but elite group of wheelchair-bound IFBB Pros.Nick Scott delivers a story and message that is so powerful it ignites body, mind and spirit!

Back in 1998, a near-fatal traffic accident changed this promising football athlete's life as he knew it forever.
Car accident in 1998

It was a tragic car accident during high school that resulted a severe spinal injury and left him bound to a wheelchair.

Spine Injury

Yes, Nick was diagnosed as a paraplegic and was told he would never walk again. For the former football player this was devastating. At first he chose to focus on the things he could no longer do. This led to a drop in his self-esteem and Nick getting up to 300 lbs.
Nick when he was 300 lbs

Overweight and discouraged, Not willing to sit back and let his life slip away, he decided to take charge and transform his life from a debilitating tragedy into a personal triumph.

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Once he stopped feeling sorry for himself, he started focusing on what he could still do, which was to be stronger than everybody else. Since he had been an athlete before the accident, Nicksoon returned to the one place where he had experienced confidence and success - the weight room.

After my accident I got extremely depressed. At times, I wished the accident would have taken my life. Even going back to high school was torture. I was 16 years old, a junior in high school, and seeing everybody do what I couldn't do anymore killed me inside.

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I thought the weight room would be my savior because it is what I love, but I was wrong. Going back to the gym discouraged me that much more. To see everybody do what I couldn't made me feel worthless. But I realized I could still bench press. Something inside snapped. I told myself if I couldn't do anything, the one thing I could be was stronger than everybody, and that's what I did.
- Nick Scott

His first high school powerlifting competition after the accident was in December 1999. The school record for his weight class was 275 pounds but Nick pushed up 350 pounds that day, breaking the school record by 75 pounds. That was a turning point in his life.

Later Nick went to college to pursue graduation. On top of that, he spent months rehabbing his legs so that when his name was called he could walk across that stage and receive the degree he had earned. At big events, Nick rises from his chair to stand on his weakened legs, then takes swinging steps across the stage to inspire audiences worldwide.
Nick trying to Walk

In 2006 Nick Scott decided to enter the NPC Wheelchair Nationals. Knowing nothing about bodybuilding, Nick lost but it changed him forever. He worked tirelessly and eventually got approval from the NPC and IFBB to start a Wheelchair Pro division. reached out to Nick and wanted to be the tile sponsor for the IFBB Wheelchair Pro, much to Nick’s amazement.

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In 2008 Nick was signed as a athlete, which opened many doors for Nick. He even teamed up with a world-class ballroom dancer and together became the number one wheelchair ballroom dance couple.

Nick scott is now a certified fitness and bodybuilding trainer and an award-winning champion in the wheelchair division of bodybuilding He is also internationally acclaimed as the first wheelchair bodybuilder to attain professional status, transforming wheelchair bodybuilding at groundbreaking levels.

Besides that he is a professional speaker, author, and a personal trainer. Nick Scott has the enthusiasm, vision, convictions, abilities, and life experience to reach out to inspire and give hope to others who still have no idea the personal strength they can tap into if only they will believe and try.

This is what Nick Says:

"I wanted to lead by example so I kept competing, guest posing and doing interviews in hope of bringing more awareness to the sport. Over time I always wondered "why me?" but later realized that the day I almost died I was given a gift, a second chance. Being successful is a journey, not a destination."

Where There is A Will , There is Certainly A Way!