The Arnold Classic Europe showcased the best and brightest in bodybuilding one of them being the beast Blessing Awodibu. It takes time and patience to build the muscle required to prove yourself worthy of a IFBB Pro. Blessing Awodibu is a bodybuilder who has struggled and strived to become a pro bodybuilder and his sacrifice and patience finally paid off.

He started training when he was 18, and by 26 he earned a PRO card.

"he is a 2 times Arnold Champion, but this Irish psycho is famous for his funny videos on IG."

He’s been called the funniest bodybuilder on Instagram ever since the video
"When a bodybuilder noticed the CCTV screen" went viral.

arm day bitch. 💪🏾

Man can't find the scoop

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Wigging out

The first step to swimming

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The meat hunting with a dog"

The black burger magic

double tap for the dress

That fidget spinner dude at the gym

Road rage gone wrong

whose winning guys? Well he has a bigger hump than a camel

When pre-workout kicks in but the gym is closed.

Epic 🍆🍆 transformation😜😂 #allkindsofgains 😂.

When in Dubai

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