Two bachelors founded APL in 2009 and launched the Concept 1 basketball shoes with their patented Load N' Launch springs shortly after graduation in 2010. Ryan and Adam Goldston, the young founders of APL (and former college basketball players themselves) introduced their "load n launch" technology that gave players an "unfair competitive advantage" because it helped increase their vertical leap. The twins, spent five years designing a basketball shoe with compression springs that enables its wearer to jump up to 9cm higher.

Dubbed as the Science of Jumpology, The Athletic Propulsion Labs® Load ‘N Launch™ system is designed to maximize a player’s compression-propulsion-lift off response. The very next year, they received a fateful email from the league announcing the basketball shoe they had engineered in their free time during college was barred from use on the court for providing an “undue competitive advantage.”

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the APL concept 1s which featured the load n launch technology was banned by the nba in 2010 due to the claim that it made the players jump higher.

"Under league rules, players may not wear any shoe during a game that creates an undue competitive advantage,"

The rest is retail history: The ban made headlines and the sneakers started flying off the shelves.

Athletic propulsion labs used this as their selling point and still do to this day. These apl shoes were supposed to make people jump higher and were the shoes that were to increase vertical leap. In the end, the shoes did not seem to do what was advertised by increasing jump and vertical leap.

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Nine months worth of inventory was sold within three days and celebrities such as reality television stars the Kardashians and professional boxer Floyd Mayweather were spotted wearing APL shoes. A Slam dunk to succes!

The brothers designed it in such a way that advanced details such as "3D stretch knitting" is used in their shoes so that customers can feel comfortable wearing the sneakers without socks.

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Being brothers has helped in their working relationship. Disagreements are smoothened over a game of ping pong.

The Goldstons have proven that APL is more than a one-trick-sneaker brand. The Los Angeles company now sells several models of basketball and running shoes.

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