God’s own country once again proves its love for humanity.

Kerala is the best state in India when it comes to love for humanity. Once again, a group of people from Malappuram district in Kerala are saying aloud that there are no religious limits to love, mercy and humanity. The Muslim Committee is preparing a religious lecture campaign to raise funds in order to meet the cost for the treatment of a young Hindu man. This young man has unfortunately lost both of his kidneys.

The Muslim Committee's support is to uphold the precious sentence that Islam teaches us to love and respect human life. They are requesting the support of the locals for this. The cost for the kidney transplant is estimated to be 20 lakhs. Dibesh’s family cannot afford such a huge amount. He was the only source of money for his family. Dibesh’s kidney failure was diagnosed three months before it was disrupted. Though Dibesh’s mother was ready to donate her kidneys, she could not raise funds for the treatment.

The religious lecture campaign is decided to be conducted on November 8th for the treatment of Dibesh, 29, who lives in Kallumoola. The theme is 'Mercy of Religion'. The Muslim committee is often involved in religious sermons and prayers to raise funds for mosque renovation work. But this religious faith is rare to help someone from other religion.

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