8 Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit In The World

Can you imagine that there are specifically, more than 13 Specified places in the world, you’re not allowed to visit or even go inside, and the reasons are bizarre.

Here are 8 places you won’t be entering anytime soon for love or money



You’ve learned about these Palaeolithic cave paintings, most prominently the Great Hall of the Bulls, in art history. Lascaux was discovered in southwestern France in September 1940, enriching the world with prehistoric art telling of human origins.
In 1979, together with other caves in the Vézère Valley, Lascaux was honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though visitors were allowed access to the cave in previous years, a fungus was discovered. It was believed to be caused by the newly installed air conditioning system, high powered lights, and frequent visitors. The situation has become even more serious in recent years, with authorities closing the cave for three months in 2008, even for qualified researchers.


Vault of the Secret Formula

Pharmacist John S. Pemberton’s Coca-Cola formula, created in 1886, is regarded as one of the world’s most highly regarded trade secrets. In 2011, the Coca-Cola company moved its then 125-year-old recipe from its original vault at SunTrust Bank in downtown Atlanta to the World of Coca-Cola.
Guests can visit the World of Coca-Cola after passing through a strict security checkpoint and can even see the Vault of the Secret Formula, but it’s just a teaser. The vault remains closely guarded.


Bohemian Grove

Like something out of a cult thriller film, Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre rural location somewhere in Monte Rio, California. The land is owned by private San-Fran based arts club known – surprisingly – as the Bohemian Club.
Every summer, the club host a two-week, three weekend camp in the woods for the most powerful men in the world. It all looks a bit weird.


Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club

The Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club is located at Disneyland, California, this fairly unobtrusive looking front door is actually the entrance to a highly exclusive members only club. How can you get in?
To locate the Disney Club 33 Exclusive Club, firstly, you need to head over to New Orleans Square and look for the Blue Bayou. Take note that locating and getting in won’t be as easy – the club is not open to the public. However, members, which include Presidents of the United States, business leaders and actors – can bring friends and associates along, so you better start networking and look for high class friends!


Google Data Centre

TThe above statistics alone will give you an insight, as to how powerful Google has become, in the 21st century. Google is the Number 1 most visited website and controls some of the biggest business online, which includes Youtube, Google Play store, Gmail, Adsense, among other hundred businesses.
This area is completely guarded and is known as Area 51. This is the first Google’s data center which is a high security location with trillions of records of Data’s.


White’s Gentleman Club, England

The name sounds racist, right? Well the name alone, White Gentleman Club, which is located in England, look racist enough
This club is the most exclusive men’s club in England and it’s only open to the VERY Rich and Wealthy, royalty and other men in powerful positions.


Vatican Secret Archive

This isn’t just any old library, this is a Vatican library! Only a sacred few have access to the vaults – but feat not, if you need to read one of the books (which by the way are owned by the Pope) you can receive the manuscript via email – how very modern!


Pine Gap – Australia

The Pine gap is also known and widely regarded as the Australia’s equivalent of Area 51 of the US. The pine gap is located in central Australia, and run the by the Australia government and the CIA.
What they’re monitoring, we don’t know. But according to recent news, Pine Gap operate a number of drone strike programmes used by the government in combating and preparing for any form of threats from groups of people or countries.