If you make a rough definition, Average looks is a neutral territory between ugly and attractive. These people are neither ugly nor model material; however, their personalities tend to be their most greatest asset. To be average looking is not something easy. Here are a few points that only average looking people will understand.

1You may not be in the dazzlers club, but you always manage to get a few gazes at you beauty.


2For a satisfying selfie you will have to try a dozen of clicks.


3You always have the benefit of being the guy next door image


4Having said that you know you can doll up for a special occasion and nail the look


5When someone compliments you will imagine yourself as a pageant winner


6but that imagination will soon settle down as soon as you see some queen bee type


7Also, you will proclaim that external beauty is of least importance where in reality, you are a wannabe.


8Then you will console yourself by making a quick comparison with a below average guy.


9You will start to plan for your costumes and accessories to be that grand but ultimately settles for-not-so-great-but-ok selections.


10Many a times it happens that , you like a guy and he talks about how he's having a crush with your best friend and the worst part is, you may be asked to help him to work things out.


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