Uruguay is on the southeastern Atlantic coast of the Southern Cone of South America, bordering Argentina to the west and south and Brazil to the north.The multicultural origins of the people of Uruguay influence the culture and traditions of this South American nation. Uruguayans are quite traditional and do not welcome criticism from foreigners. They also do not appreciate being confused with Paraguayans or Argentineans. Otherwise, people are friendly and easygoing. Although tactful, people are frank and direct and maintain a close distance when speaking. Uruguayans have a strong sense of national identity and patriotism. There are no alternative traditions or nationalities within the country.

1They take off their shoes only when they go to bed

It's pointless to rub the floors to shine, if you were in Uruguay, because your guests will still come without taking off their shoes. Uruguayans even in their house go only so, it is not accepted to take off their shoes and away. It is difficult to understand why they do so (although "My Planet" asked such a question ), but you can ask your guests to take off their shoes at the entrance and offer other shoes for the house.

2The car for them is a dream

To buy a car for the overwhelming number of Uruguayans is the ceiling of material dreams, since cars here are a luxury item. Due to high taxes on all imports, up to 35% with an average value of 22.77%, any cars are an order of magnitude more expensive than in Russia. Good cars can afford only a small percentage of wealthy Uruguayans or visiting Europeans, for whom Uruguay is a calm and environmentally friendly country in order to meet old age.

3They have a New Year for all comes at different times

People uncork champagne and congratulate each other on their home watches, which, of course, are not synchronized. All because the New Year's coming is not regulated by the President's appeal, which would equalize all the hours of the country. Yes, there is an exact time service, but you still need to call there ... Thus, in each house there is your own, individual New Year.

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4They can ask in your shower

In the southern hemisphere, our winter months are summer, and summer is winter. In winter it is really cold, the temperature drops to 0 ° C, which, given the humidity, gives very unpleasant sensations. Also in the winter, heavy rain falls, and the sky is visited by stunningly beautiful clouds, cosmic sunsets and huge lightning. But the summer is very hot and stuffy, and therefore it is not considered shameful to ask for a cold shower, even being a guest (although this is permissible only for close friends). Sometimes the complete calm in the Atlantic Ocean remains the whole day, and you can spend the whole day under the air conditioning. Or in the bathroom.

5They live under an ozone hole

No sunburn from the grandmother's summer cottage can compare to the tan obtained under the ozone hole. The proximity of the famous ozone hole over Antarctica toughens the already sharp Uruguayan sun, adversely affecting the skin. Sunburn sticks instantly and lasts a long time. The use of sunscreen is a must!

6They go everywhere with their cup of tea

National pride of Uruguayans - mate, a tonic drink from the leaves and shoots of Holly Paraguayan. And if in Russia the usual tea is drunk from cups, then for mate there is a special vessel of dried pumpkin - calabash. For Uruguayans, he is as much an integral accessory, as for a Russian women handbag. In addition to the calebas, a true Uruguayan always carries a thermos with hot water: the mate can be brewed up to eight times, and boiling water is poured into the calabash until the thermos is empty.

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7They combine a healthy lifestyle with not very healthy

The central embankment of the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo (Rambla) is not only a place for evening promenades, parties and meetings. The most actual occupation on this locality is running! How do two absolutely polar trends coexist here: legalized marijuana and, as a result, the general craze for smoking grass (moreover, there are horticultural clubs for growing cannabis) and a passion for a healthy lifestyle - remains a mystery.

Uruguay’s a fantastic place to visit. You’ll love the unspoiled, empty beaches (at least away from Montevideo). You’ll gorge on the best grass-fed (by law) beef in the world and sip flavorful red wine until your lips are purple.
And you’ll meet a nation pushing the boundaries of progressive politics while maintaining a minimal ego, a “tranquilo” nature and a welcoming spirit.

But as for moving down here? You might want to look beyond President Mujica’s sandals and the ubiquitous photos of smiling, stoned and beautiful youngsters to a reality that’s a little less cartoonish.

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