Most of the people among us make grammatical mistakes once in a while, and I am not going to deny that for myself too. These grammar mistakes are so heart-hitting that even a person who is going through a breakup will feel sympathy for people who will have to read them. You'll be tearing out your hair after seeing these blatantly awful grammar mistakes (hopefully you'll be laughing while you do).

1Either horrible or awesome, you decide.


2And the secret (sauce) comes out...

3Which newspaper is this?

4I'm going to park my vehicle at this spot intentionally and wait for this guy who pasted this to come and talk to me face to face.

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5Well, after getting this tattooed, you have one


6Finally, we're recognizing the true heroes


7I guess he finally left the Krusty Crab

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8A lot of those elderly pregnant children running around these days?

9Be careful, it's "Hunter" season

10I'd have shoplifted for sure if it was prosecuted

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