It takes great will power and dedication to do something like this! We salute you Dr Amanda Hess for the timely and humane act of yours!


When she heard the duty nurse calling out for help with a patient in a critical condition, dr. Hess didn’t hesitate at all. The woman was Leah Halliday Johnson and her baby was coming far faster than expected and that the umbilical cord was wrapped loosely around the child’s neck. Hess jumped in attended her and afterward returned to her own room and started the medication to induce her own labor. Shortly after, the on-call doctor arrived and took over.


Little Ellen, at 6 pounds, 12 ounces, arrived about 11 hours later, and joins sister Kate, 2.

Here is the fb post by her fellow dr. Hala Sabry

Dr Hess has been in service for the last seven years and said that situations are common when doctors can’t make in on time. The medical staff including the nurses are equipped to handle such cases. But Sunday’s situation needed the expertise of a doctor and things would have been far grim had Dr Hess not intervened.


Leah Halliday Johnson and her baby

Great woman! I'd love a doctor like her!