For pet owners, it is probably not a novelty that their loved ones occasionally choose to bus and find on a rack ship. Dealing with these rackets is part of the thing of being a pet owner and whatever they do, we often forgive them quite soon. Below are a series of funny pictures of situations that may occur when our loved ones decide to be a bit busy.

1 You do NOT exercise in front of my toys. Understood?!

2 Why should you watch TV when you can watch me?

3 When warm, keep warm

4 There were guilty feelings for a few seconds, then she continued ...

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5 Sometimes one has to improvise

6 One of them does not belong at home here ...

7 What a nice flat-roof - give me!

8 Made a pie crust. Turned around to get filling. Turned back around and this is what I found.

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9 The dog likes the food better like this

10 Most cozy place to sit

11 Looks like dogs are jerks to their siblings as well

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12 Testing if the trap works ...

13 We made ourselves a cat door

14 When you think the brother needs a bath

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