Meet The Swim Reaper. If you are going to make dumb decisions in the water, he will be waiting. He’s New Zealand’s new water safety mascot, and his Instagram is definitely worth checking out. Featured below are some of his funniest shots.

This very creative and audacious campaign was launched by the Water Safety organisation of New Zealand. Every year, over 105 people die from drowning, and most accidents could easily be avoided with common sense and a few simple preventive steps. These steps are narrated in images by the Swim Reaper himself, in an innovative, yet creepy and also funny.

The Swim Reaper was launched on Instagram in December 2016. It now has over 300,000 followers.

The goal of the Swim Reaper Instagram campaign is to raise awareness of the dangers of swimming in unsafe places.

This deadly character was mocked by a humorous guy and attracted attention for his creative concepts. Death Swim Reaper has a passion for marine tourism and engages in marine activities.

However, he likes to invite you to drink beer, it seems this is the god of death to party.

Death also have to wear oxygen when diving.

He'll always there on the beaches.

The god of death likes the taste of ice cream.

Listen to the radio by the stream.

Death follows trends too

Death likes to have fun too

And eat the whole potato chips.

The project is supported by many people in the country. During the implementation period, the government also confirmed that many men between the ages of 15 and 24 began to be aware of the dangers of drowning. The rate of drowning has also decreased significantly thanks to this humorous but effective propaganda.

Img Source: Instagram/iamtheswimreaper

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