It wasn't unusual to find gay couples in Paris at the time Cocteau and Marais were together , but it was unusual to find a gay couple who were so openly living together, working together, traveling and vacationing together like a married couple. In 1937, the high society and Surrealist poet Cocteau meets the young, alluring and Adonis actor all women fall in love with, Jean Marais, while he was giving his auditions. Within ten days of meeting Cocteau, Marais had completely fallen in love with him.
Cocteau and Marais, daringly photographed on a bed together

Cocteau and Marais soon became the most notorious couple in Paris. Their relationship was extremely intense and very rarely calm. Both Cocteau and Marais decided to stay in Paris during the Nazi occupation in spite of the great danger; everyone knew that they were a gay couple.

The following letters to Marais – here translated into English for the first time – cover their initial romance and their decision to live together.

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