This Hunza Community in Northern Pakistan are silently laughing at you with your urban lifestyle and diet of fries, meat and everything gravy. The valley of the river Hunza is on border of India and Pakistan, it is called still “a youth oasis”. Why?Because of the life expectancy of locals — 110-120 years. They almost are never ill and look young. Their longevity still leads up a blind alley researchers.

The history of these people is even more fascinating. The Hunzas claim to be the descendants of Alexander the Great. Their community came into being at the time of the conquest, as they settled into the village and consequently married among themselves. They have established strict fighting discipline here — such that inhabitants with swords and boards had and to sleep, and is, and even to dance.

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The Hunza have puzzled scientists, bathing in water with a surrounding air temperature of 5°F (-15°C) and then not getting sick afterwards.

The Hunzas are actually a perfect example of how following the healthiest form of a diet, can increase life-span and improve health conditions. It seems they are from another planet, but in reality they just have a different lifestyle.

The legends surrounding this people stem from the phenomenal abilities of the tribe. The Hunza have a perfect immunity against all types of diseases - no member of the tribe has ever suffered from cancer. Thanks to their healthy way of living, the Hunzas look very youthful even at an advanced age and most interestingly, the women give birth till they are 65!

Their diet consists of food they have grown themselves, including raw fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, pas, turnips, squash, apples, blackberries, cherries, pears, peaches, and (of course) apricots; Nuts, like hazelnuts, almonds and their oil derivatives; Animal protein consisting of chicken, milk, yogurt and cheese (the Hunza observe a mostly vegetarian diet, however); Grains, such as buckwheat, millet, barley, and wheat.

Apricot seeds are rich in vitamin B-17, which explains why they are unknown to tumours. The vitamins in apricot seeds have anticancer properties and the Hunzas are known to use those seeds to make oil.

Meat consumption is not common amongst the Hunzas and they would probably indulge in it just a couple of times a year, mostly consisting of lamb or chicken generally consumed for breakfast or lunch.

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Throughout the period, known as "Hungry Spring", the Hunza consume no food. This is the period when the fruits have not yet ripened, which is why they only drink juice from dried apricots. These fasts can last for several days.

Hungry Spring continues 2-4 months of the year and every member of the community participates, as a sign of reverence toward their culture. Reportedly, they also walk 15-20 kilometres a day, a far more gruelling workout than the average 3 kilometres of cardio many of us resort to in gyms.

In 1963 Hunz was visited by the French medical expedition. As a result of the population census conducted by it it was found out that average life expectancy at hunzakut makes 120 years that twice exceeds this indicator among Europeans.

In August, 1977 in Paris not the international cancer congress the statement was made: “According to data of a geokantserologiya (science on studying of cancer diseases in different regions of the world) total absence of cancer diseases takes place only among nationality of a hunz”.

In April, 1984 one of the Hong Kong newspapers reported about the following surprising case. One of hunzakut who was called Said Abdul Mobut who arrived to the London Heathrow airport brought into bewilderment of employees of emigration service when showed the passport. According to the document, hunzanut was born in 1823 and to it 160 years were performed. The mullah accompanying Mobud noted that his ward is considered a Saint in the country Hunza which is famous for the long-livers. Mobud has an excellent health and sensible mind. He perfectly remembers events, since 1850.

Locals speak about the secret of longevity simply: be a vegetarian, work always and physically, constantly move and don’t change a life rhythm then you will live years to 120-150.

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