If cats could use smartphones, they would most likely call other cats, troll dogs, ignore calls from their hosts and search for Google's best strategy for winning world domination. However, they are unlikely to do kotoselfi, because, as you can see, most cats do not like these your selfies.

1 He despises your Selfies.

2 Lovely photo with a cat.

3 Smile on the camera!

4 This is what happens when you stick to a cat with its selfies.

5 In an attempt to make a christmas selfie with a cat.

6 The cat is clearly not delighted.

7 "Stop doing it."

8 Oh, no, just not Selfie!

9 "I hate you all".

10 You think that after six months of separation, he will be happy to make a joint self. But alas.

11 Especially cats hate "selfie ducks".

12 "There are no photos."

13 When a cat does not like selfie.

14 "One day I will avenge myself for this."

15 "Well, one more stupid selfie ..."

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