When you see your dog everyday, you probably don't realize how much it changed over time until you see it's then and now growing up photos. They are the same puppies, just bigger.

Nothing is cuter than seeing the transformation of sweet fluffy puppies into big beautiful dogs. And these then and now photos of dogs celebrating their gotcha day are no exception.

19 Weeks. 13 Weeks. 21 Weeks

2This photos reveal how each dog is still the same little pup at heart

3The eyes have it

4Some have kept the same toys…

5 Growing Up

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6Some still have the same favorite places to lounge around…

7This Boy Is Growing Up Fast. 6 Months & Counting

8More Beautiful every day

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9Cute smile

10What A Difference A Year Has Made (Sparkly Pillow For Scale)

11from fluffy puppy, to handsome dog all too soon

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12About 7 Months Old Vs. 7 Years Old. He Looks More Serious Now But His Behaviour Never Changed - Waggy Tail Is Still Waggy

13Some have stuck by their childhood friends…

14And all have continued to grow with their favorite humans!

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