Your School Memories are Incomplete without That One Teacher

Teachers, no matter what share some common characteristics despite the subject barriers or language barriers. Yes, we are talking about that one teacher who was once your favorite and you cannot simply deny the fact that she is a part of your fond school memories.

These teachers, they never entertain any short forms, and if it's your english teacher, you are so finished!

When you make a try to extend the deadline

When the class is noisy and the teacher decides to remain silent until we realise it

When she gives you a 45 minutes boring lecture and finally points you to repeat what she explained

On the first day, even when she knows she can't remember all your names, she will still ask your whereabouts.

It's a universal law that when your teacher cracks a joke, however worse it may be , you will have to laugh

When she calls a backbencher for an answer and when he returns nothing but a blank smile....she gives you a 'see, I knew it kinda face'

When teacher made a mistake and you tried to correct her.... oh no!

And in the examination hall, the way they tell you the remaining time sounds similar to an alert message from one of the Saw movies

Nevertheless, they were the best!

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