One thing is that you are disturbed by the noises that people make when chewing, especially with their mouths open, it is something that happens to everyone. But if the situation goes to an extreme where it is not only annoying or unpleasant, but it becomes literally unbearable, to the point that it is not possible to ignore it no matter how much it is dealt with and it reaches the point where it is impossible to To function, for example, even to converse with others while someone is chewing loudly is too much, so we may be talking about a case of misophony.


Recognized as a real condition for the first time in 2001 , the misophony causes people to bother at an excessive level sounds like others chewing, drinking, swallowing, sipping, snorting, biting their nails, drumming, and so on to infinity.


When this condition is suffered, which scientists consider real, since studies show that the brains of those who suffer from it react differently , it is not enough to ask the person to ignore the noise that bothers them.

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As they explain in FoodEnvy , the best way to support them is not to look at their affliction less.


It is not that it is only annoying noises, rather, there are certain specific sounds that trigger a person . A study investigating this condition found that, unlike people without misophony, for them the unpleasant sounds, like that of a crying baby, were just as annoying as the triggers, like that of a person breathing.


Furthermore, as they explain at Harvard University , thanks to their recognition as a real problem, there are increasingly more treatments, for example behavioral therapy, for those who need help.

Are you able to stand the noise of someone chewing by your side?