Eeehhh...! would that be your reaction when you find out that the face cream or body lotion you were using is made out of Cow dung? or that soft drink you just had contain Cow urine?

The day is not far when cow urine could be declared our national drink, replacing ‘videshi’ drinks like Coke and Pepsi for instance.

Here are few more things that are crazy about Indians .

Nude Monk occupies Haryana speaker's Chair and lecture to Governor and other law makers

Prime Minister worshipping a naked Guru

Former President With another Naked Monk

This article will be incomplete without listing the wide range of products made from cow urine and dung

— Cow urine for acne?

— This face pack will be like literally applying cow dung on your face

— After shave from cow urine is also available. No expensive spirits from now on!

— A soap out of Cow Dung

— Gaunyl instead of Phenyl

— The Dhenu Dant Manjan could surely get you shining white teeth!

Its not over, We have a few more.......

This out of the Box strategy for winning an election

In India, there is a temple dedicated for ......Rats!

To a typical Indian, this is a mildly crowded train

These people are obsessed with the stars and kundlis(Horoscope) in deciding marriages.

A typical day in the life of a bank employee / government servant

Made Snana, A weird custom where in the lower caste people roll over the food remnants of the upper caste.

We have yet another set of Ridiculousness from famous Politicians of the country.

Wondering what causes farmer suicides? This minister knows it all.
"Impotency and love affairs are the top reasons behind farmer suicides"
— Radha Mohan Singh, Agriculture Minister

Vladimir Putin is a Hindu. LMAO…
Vladimir Putin is Hindu, His real name is "Vahramir Putra Singh"
— Sadhvi Prachi, BJP Leader

This man, he makes us dream.
“People join (the) army to die or for becoming martyrs.”
— Bhim Singh, Party leader of the Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party

How exactly did this man become the Rural works and Panchayati Raj Minister? In a civilized world, how is this even possible?

Looks like he's too much Worried about peeing
"If there is no water in the dam, how can we release it? Should we urinate into it? If there is no water to drink, even urination is not possible,"
— Ajit Pawar, Dear deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra

hmm...getting quite personal
Like an old victory, wives lose charm as time goes by
— Sri prakash Jaiswal,Ex union coal minister

Who is to be Blamed?
"when there is no electricity there is nothing else to do other than produce babies"
— Gulam Nabi Azad, Ex health minister

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