What Will be Your Reaction When a Random Person Calls You Beautiful?

To everyone saying "Most of them are ugly." Everyone human life is beautiful and precious. Maybe some not always on the outside, but that doesn't make them not beautiful.

We live in a world were most people are used to being made fun or picked at by the time they hit high school, that when someone finally tells you the truth they just things its a mean joke.

You know there are people who you can hurt by calling them beautiful at the point they'll think you're picking them because you think they really are ugly or that you're trying to hurt them because they don't think you are telling the truth. there are some people who have been hurt really bad by being ugly and now are hearing the word beautiful as ugly.

This video is for all of you who are insecure about how you look, or the language you speak or for any other reason, it can change the way you feel about things and people Not everyone is interested in making fun of you, some are truly genuine.

You are beautiful...!