The pugs and bulldogs have become the breed of favorite dogs to have as pets. Between the small size of the former and the wrinkled face of the latter, they have become the most tender dogs. Despite leading preferences, veterinarians do not agree with their tenure. These dogs are much more prone to diseases, both respiratory and ocular. In addition to having great difficulty eating and developing normally.

"We encourage people to choose other races or healthier mixes instead," experts say.

Therefore, the British Veterinary Association , according to the Guardian , has made a call to not have pugs or bulldogs and avoid problems.

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People who want to have a dog need to take into account all the health problems that these races can suffer throughout their lives, from ulcers in the eyes to painful abnormalities in the spine and severe breathing difficulties, " explains Sean Wensley, president of the veterinary association.

"The surge of popularity of these dogs has increased animal suffering. They also make complicated pets for their owners, so we really encourage people to choose other races or healthier mixes instead, "he adds.

According to Dr. Rowena Packer, a researcher at the Royal Veterina College, the great fault of the breeders of the breed is that they force the characteristics of these animals. "Basically, it's a consequence of having chosen to end up with this face, and this is incompatible with nature. We can not reduce everything to what we want, "he explains.

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