Body painting is an art that is liberating people all over the world, quite literally. With the body paints, one can now just roam around naked in public places and no one would even notice. This was exactly what this model did and the results were perfect.

This bride and groom decided to shun expensive garments and opt for body paint instead

Sarah Reilly and Maria Luciotti, the two girls in the center painted sports clothes, in which they went to the real gym. Not one of the other gym goers noticed.

This outfit is so well-drawn that it is difficult to distinguish it from the present.

The girl in the middle was body-painted to look dressed strolled through a mall to see if anyone would notice.

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This artist painted herself as a playboy bunny

It's hard for people to understand that the girl in the center is not wearing jeans

Jen has been doing what he loves for 10 years

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