It's a happy ending that everyone should see!

For animal lovers, each species has something particular that we always praise. Raccoons, without a doubt, are one of our favorites. They have a really unique personality and make us laugh mostly because of their mischief ... let's just think of the little Meeko from the Disney Pocahontas movie . They even have the reputation of being thieves . And we do not judge them for that ... it also amuses us. But for that very reason, we do not think of them as innocent and defenseless little creatures ... and it turns out they are too . And this he demonstrated it, that after a storm of wind, was trapped under a trunk.

They are very intelligent and he used that feature to try to get out of there ... but he did not and he stayed there for a long time. Luckily, a group of people came to help him. What most surprised everyone is that instead of reacting, he waits patiently for help ... because he would know that he would come.

He stirred a little, but let them work, even allowed them to cover his face so as not to be frightened by the shovel that would pass by his side to release. Seeing how he contributed so to be rescued by them he softened everyone who saw his video ... and that's why it became viral.

Luckily, the little one was released and ran immediately to take advantage of it ... and that made their rescuers happy, and obviously, also to all their spectators.

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