Love is love, and it is inherent in so many living beings on our planet. Who said that dogs can not experience such a wonderful feeling?

Meet this French bulldog Sebastian and his long-time lover, Spitz named Luna, and they have been together for more than 3 years. Here is their photo when they first met. They was young at thay time.

Now they have grown, and are preparing ... to play their own wedding! Their hostess, Emily Abril, prepared for them a real betrothal. She created a series of pictures, which now touches the whole world.

"They lick each other's muzzles, the next minute they bark and run, and then doze. They are playful, loving and balancing each other, " Emily said

The wedding is scheduled for autumn or the spring of next year. While the dogs are celebrating the engagement. The hostess says that Sebastian is incredibly jealous and does not allow the bride to communicate with anyone other than him! The very moon is crazy about her lover.)

Abril plans to conduct an official wedding registration to collect money for the animal welfare organization at the event.


By the way, this was not their first photo shoot.

We are waiting for the wedding photos of these cuties!