Camelos are sellers that one can find in many cities around the world. Rental prices or the unavailability of affordable commercial spaces mean that these small traders set up tents on the street or in unusual places and in some cases open their trades in basements, as in the city of Sofia, capital of Bulgaria .


Known as klek shop , meaning knee shop, these basement shops are unique and unique to the city of Sofia. Generally the stores installed in the basement of the buildings have only a small window at the level of the sidewalk, below the height of a person's knees, hence the nickname. The products are displayed in the windows around this window and customers need to kneel down to chat with the merchant through the small, low window.


The klek shop owners were among Bulgaria's first entrepreneurs to open a trade after the fall of communism more than twenty years ago. Legalization of private ownership of production allowed Bulgarians to start their own businesses, and these small shops were the first companies to open the doors commercially.


The basements were turned into shops and people on the sidewalks could buy what they needed, as they sold they sold almost everything from food, beverages, toys to appliances. Colorful glass shelves around the window showed what the store had to offer. In many of these stores, the products in the shop windows were just printed images, with the respective prices on the side.


Some klek shop also offered small services such as shoe repairs, electronics repairs and others. Many stores of this type remained open until late at night and sometimes ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For years, virtually every street in the city had these miniature convenience stores, but unfortunately, they are slowly fading over the years as many of them have turned out to be a tourist attraction in the city.


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