We do not know what the chances are that four people from the same family will have the same gray hair, but we are sure that this probability is rather small.

However, this is exactly what happened when a girl named Milianne was born in South Carolina.

A white strand of hair in a girl is explained by polyosis - a low or total lack of pigment in the hair and skin where they grow.

"We do not know where the roots of this distinctive feature come from in our family, since the great-grandmother was adopted and she never met her biological family.
Apple from apple: 23-year-old Brianna and Millianne from South Carolina

" Brianna, the girl's mother, told. - And my younger sister does not have this strand. But I was hoping Milliana would show up, since I was born with her. When the baby was put on my chest after childbirth, I was so glad to see our family mark."

"I bring up my daughter so that she understands her beauty and uniqueness, and does not take stupid opinions of people to heart"
Baby with mom and grandmother

"As a child, I had a few nicknames, children even called me a skunk. But I accepted and fell in love with my feature, and now I know that this is my unique trait, "- says Brianna.

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