Dogs of every breed do good things and bad things. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as we most definitely have ours. All we ask of you, is to keep an open mind when learning about this breed and understand from beginning to end, what these dogs have endured throughout the years. Before acquiring one of these mighty dogs, please do as much research as possible and make your decision wisely. Meanwhile, here we have some pictures of pitbulls for you to take a look at. and FYI, “Pit Bull” is NOT a breed. It is a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics often known by the public as Pit Bulls.

1Pitbulls in jammies

2Lovely Pit Bull Puppy In Garden

3Grey Pit Bull Dog Wearing Leather Muzzle

4Grey Male Pit Bull Dog

5Grey And White Pit Bull Dog In Garden

6Golden Pit Bull Dog Face

7Full Grown Pit Bull Dog

8Fawn Pit Bull Dog Walking

9Fawn And White Pit Bull Puppy

10Brown And White Pit Bull Dog

11The Black and white pit bull

12For those who hate pitbulls

13Red nose pit bull

14American staffordshire terrier

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