Ever thought about why your 24 hours are not as productive as people who have achieved so much in life? The appropriate response lies in decoding a normal day that ‘the occupied generation’ spends today. If you look carefully, there are sure normal exercises that the vast majority of us perform every day and that are increasing the value we had always wanted. I tried to ponder upon all those vicious things that are eating our precious time and eventually money and bring this list of things in front of you.

1You're complaining, blaming and assuming

Admit it, most of you must be in this worthless habit of blaming others for your own failure. This situation of blame game further leads to insensible complaints that are mostly the result of false assumptions that were a result of your own insecurities. The equation might be tough to understand, but this eats a lot of daily time when you have to call people to settle the issue or send boring, lengthy texts that no one likes to entertain.

2You're waiting for 'that one day'.

Most of us have this disease where the patients complain of the symptoms like "I'll do it once the right time comes," "I'm just waiting for this period to end." Trust me because I'm writing this with my experience that this is all an illusion, the right time is the time when an idea has popped in your mind and the best time to react is that very second. Act today, right now

3Envying people around you.


If you want things to change, change them, don’t envy what others have done. To take this further, understand what you have! Appreciate everything that’s good in your life. The grass is never as green as it seems on the other side of the fence. Start focusing on your life and stop worrying yourself with the things others are doing, have done, or have bought.

4You eat unhealthily and pay doctor's bill.


Now look it this way, you do not exercise, take the stress and eat unhealthily. Also, you're very proud of the fact that you do not fall ill. Well, good for you but what if you someday do get ill and all those bad you did to your body come back to haunt you? Now, you have to pay doctor's fee, make everyone unnecessarily tense, waste your time, and start following a healthy life which was always a choice but now a dire need.

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5Grocery shopping when you're free.


To surprise you, I must tell you that when we shop in those free hours, we tend to buy things we do not need. This solely happens because we have all the time on earth to scan every goddamn thing in the store and use every other offer that's present there as a trap. Instead, if you shop when you're in actual need, you'll just buy that stuff and get back to your home/office/wherever.



Avoidance is a waste of time. Too many people live their life in avoidance of who they can become by ignoring what must be done. Determine what it is you want to do, and who it is you want to become. From there, identify that massive actions that must be taken for this goal to be your reality. Do not live a life of avoidance of the hard work, the risk, the dangers that have to be faced.

7Commuting for hours.


Most of us who live in a metropolitan, we spend a good couple of important hours sitting our asses on some vehicle, watching people on streets or taking a nap. Now, this time can be very easily used by listening to audio books or recalling the new vocab words of any language that you're in the process to learn. So, why to waste those hours!?

8You watch videos you never intend to.


And all the credit goes to YouTube where you go to watch a video and end up watching a hundred others. This leads to stress and you lose more than you gain. Well, if you think that boycotting/improvising these can help you reach your goal faster, share it with the ones you care about and let them contemplate too.

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9In-game purchases


As a semi-recovering Candy Crush addict, I know how hard this habit is to break. But those $1 or $5 purchases here and there WILL add up, and you’ll suddenly be looking at your bank statement with a whole lot of shame and regret. Remove your credit card info from any sites or apps where you play games, and if you get really frustrated by a level you just can’t seem to beat, Google a how-to guide. (After finding some really effective ones for Candy Crush, I feel really dumb about buying those power-ups.)

10You scroll endlessly until your feed starts getting repetitive.

The Online Citizen

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the list is never-ending. We have access to so much that our thumb would probably break and eyes would turn red, however, the entertainment won't die. But, do we really need to scroll in order to stay happy. Is there nothing else that we can do with our time? Believe me friends, even an activity as simple as gardening is better than scrolling any given day.

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