These Plus sized people can shut every mouth that makes fun of their figure

This is for all the fierce plus-size people out there working that confidence!

Music and dance are universal among every human culture, and some of the most memorable moments in our lives and in our favorite movies involve dance. Dance is an independent skill. It does not depend upon your look or your weight. Dance is all about you.

Perhaps you're shy about putting yourself out there, or worried about any physical limitations due to your size or what shape you're in (or aren't). This article is for you and for all those shamers around you.

Leroy Martinez,most Inspirational Dancer of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9

No intro needed, his performance speaks it all

There is nothing impossible for a plus sized lady, and this amazingly talented pole dancer is the proof

Not just that,they can easily and gracefully perform a Slow motion dance

And Belly dance tooo...

Another dancing excellence, where size doesn't at all matter

So, What do you think?