The Unique Experience of Being "Cooked" in a Hot Bathtub!

Seriously , the dip in the boiling hot water is definitely going to be one hell of an experience.

If you wanna experience the same, you should be heading to holiday at the tropical setting of Tibiao, Antique,in the Philippines. the spirit of adventure is alive across the land in this eco adventure capital.

They will pour some water and leaves onto the kawa (in English, pot), toss in some dried coconut leaves underneath, start the fire, and then when the water starts to simmer, they will ask you to step inside as you’ll be boiled for a while.

The kawa is made of thick cast iron, so you won’t have to worry about getting cooked as it won’t easily get hot once the fire is set.

In truth, it's very relaxing after a good hike and chilly swim in the Falls.

Michael Diez/

So if you are planning a trip to Philippines, why not try a kawa bath?