Being married and having a child, it could be the happiest time in the life of a woman . But for a sex worker, its just an unfulfilled dream till the end of her life. But here, this man is breaking all stereotypes to rescue his love who is a sex worker. To the world he may be just another client seeking pleasure at a brothel, but to her, he is a Savior by all means.

I know it may sound like a fairy tale but this is what happened recently in GB Road, Delhi. For two years, The protagonist of our story a 28 year old taxi driver approached DCW with the help of an NGO to rescue his love from the miserable and hopeless life she was going through. The girl who is a 27 year old from Nepal came in search of a livelihood got trapped in GB road few years ago. Many a times her attempts to escape met with a failure.

“He (the man) visited the brothel along with a friend and met the girl. They started liking each other and eventually fell in love. He kept visiting her as a client, hoping to find a way to take her out of the brothel and marry her,” said a DCW official.

A huge unit of police officers raided the brothel and rescued the woman.

Hundreds of women are brought into prostitution every year. Not everyone is lucky to have a better life like this. It was his unconditional love that gave her a new life.

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